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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

FT 540 Lecture: Thursday, June 5

Treat environment as another character. Reflects theme, internal state of characters -- not just a backgrop. Examples: desert in Lawrence of Arabia, clouds and ice in Nevsky. In those two screenplays, the environment inspires a heroic response, which is not the case with the boat and London slum settings of Pandora's Box.

In the Bronze Age, the environment is indifferent, threatening, and not necessarily part of the status quo. Distance, suffering of hero and others. Breaking down of authority. In Prick Up Your Ears, contrast between Orton's room and his success. In Malcolm X, the street changes ... it's a place for fun, somewhere to hustle, something to escape from, somewhere to preach, somewhere to revolt, somewhere to change. Now the environment is called into question, pushes over hero.

Films covered in lecture
Rear Window
The Year of Living Dangerously


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