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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

FT 706 Lecture: Tuesday, December 9

Wants vs. needs
Need -- oxygen. Nathan holds breath. Need either gets met or gets bigger. Struggle between objective and obstacle.

Important to storyboard. Animation.

1st choice vs. 2nd choice
1st choice takes only five seconds -- bad, wil be choice everyone else has thought up. Go with 2nd choice -- takes longer, more interesting.

SLV notes
David/Erin -- David looked like was just watching video, not excited. Like that Erin placed coat and bag down. Good watching Erin for reaction to tapes.

Bob/CeCe -- Bob playing solitaire, good use of cards. CeCe -- wandering around room. Good CeCe sitting on table, Bob watching reaction. Should Bob stand up?

Mike/Christine -- Mike should put on glasses later -- don't know been interrogated until "Something wrong?" Stakes better on Mike's end.

Nathan/Katie -- good use of eye contact. Good stakes. Felt real.

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