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Friday, March 03, 2006

FT 706 Lecture: Tuesday, November 11

Rehearsal tips
Know what scene is about.

Say, "I want ..." instead of "she wants"

Whole function of 1st rehearsal is to get to 2nd rehearsal.

Always read out loud in full voice.

Try to go over scene every day for two minutes, instead of two hours the day before.

As a director, don't overly reward someone for doing a good job on the first day of rehearsal.

Don't wait until rehearsal to memorize your lines.

Character and objective
In theater, script exists as a mountain. In film, the character exists only once, forever. Characters don't exist, you do.

Objective answers the question, "Who?"

If you can do it alone in your room, it's not acting.

Action -- how you accomplish your objective. What am I doing, why am I doing it? Before the scene starts.

Class watched PK and took notes. Three categories: C, physical motions (sitting, talking, etc.); B, what actually doing (teaching); A, how he was teaching (challenging, etc.), non-literal.

About SLV
SLV = Beauty and the Beast. Graham makes sex tapes, but Ann finds he's not that bad, goes with him in the end.

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