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Thursday, March 02, 2006

FT 706 Lecture: Tuesday, October 28

Letter notes
Bob death threat, CC inherit, Dave credit card bill

Scene stuff/what makes scene interesting
Private moment in public place. Adds conflict. Boredom comes from expecting tap-dance. Pulled in when something happens. Forrest Gump - someone sits down next to him, something happens.

Choices about environment, time, moment before, props, moment after (important because shot out of sequence). All in addition to private moment.

Looking for what's been revealed.

Perfectly normal person on perfect normal day -- not much to chew on.

CeCe on Bob -- wanted to know what happened before, what will happen after. only thing that matters. Bob committed to his choices -- really felt bad, made us believe he was sick.

Bus stop notes

Erin -- composing music. Not in hurry. Brushes back hair, kept looking back, not happy with results.

Dave -- throws bag on seat, looks at watch. Notebook. Walks away from stop. Glum, bit of anger.

Nathan -- fall jacket, hat. Walks around, stands, on edge, cold. Puts hands in pocket. Harmonica. Fiddles with it. Sad? Huddled in chair. Stares at floor. Hunches over, heads clasped together. Signed himself, prayer.

Mike -- gives someone finger. Pulls shirt out of pants. Searches pocket for change. Soda machine. Pokes it, kicks machine several times, gets water. Sprays graffiti on machine. Sneaky smile -- very satisfied. Sniffing underarms. Chuckling to himself. Checks bottom of sneakers. Huddles -- almost hiding in seat?

Bob -- sweatshirt, hooded. Standing behind bench -- wispes off snow -- cold. Sits on edge of bench. Too cold. Walks around. Anxious for bus. Looks at cell-phone. Sick? Unzips jacket, takes off hood, holds head in head, very uncomfortable. Praying for bus to get faster. Hood back on?

Christine -- bag, coffee, coat. Very tired. Just got up. Plods slowly. Sinks into seat. Not very enthused about going wherever. Rubs forehead, gets out tissue, puts pill in mouth, drinks coffee. Head in one hand, bent over. Taps finger. Waits, waits, waits, sluggish. Rolls eyes when bus comes.

David -- runs into someone, just misses bus. Pounding on bus, almost got hit by car. Heavy bag. Struggles with something, squirming, feels really hot. Reaching into pocket -- hides away from others. Sits sideways. Puts bag on lap. Ointment in groin.

CeCe -- bag, sweatshirt. Ran, missed bus. Puts on sweatshirt, zips, lowers head in hands. Takes out notebook. Studying for test. Switches seats on bench. Groans. Rubs forehead. Puts fingers on eyes. Toe tapping. Rocks on bench. Distraught.

Bat-shark repellent -- just happens to have with you when faced by shark.

Private moment -- vandalism.

Don't wipe glasses. Push bra straps more.

Group 1. Talk to others only if it makes sense to.

Mike -- pulls down - glances aside. Looking. Spills water. Pulls shirt up to hide face.

Christine -- glares at Mike.

Dave -- pulls back. Glances at others.

Erin -- sees seats.

Christine, Dave face away. Erin oblivious.

Christine turns away. David holds bag in front of himself, goes to back of line.

Bus stop with people -- scenes. Wouldn't have worked if people hadn't done individual work.

If only slight kick got water from machine, would have been indicating. Term comes from Lee Strasberg. Want audience to get I'm angry, so yell. Doing behavior that indicates anger. Like cheating. Big soda smile, indicated graffiti.

"Sex, Lies and Videotape" - download and print. Read script. simplyscripts.com or Script-O-Rama.

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