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Friday, April 14, 2006

FT 526 Lecture: Thursday, May 20

Film roles
AD = stage mgr. Also scheduling.

Script supervisor - continuity, shot list.

Figure out with AD, SS most practical shooting order.

Shooting tips
Do one sequence with actors first, then break it up. Do not shoot the way you'll edit. Each new setup = 20 min. in normal world.

Script questions: what's the story we're telling? How do I make this story?

Scene -- unity of time. New scene if time changes, if place changes. If can shoot something continuously in one shot, it can be one scene.

Diagram coverage (camera on ground plan). Not shooting order.

Reverse angle -- balanced shot.

Walk the actor into the shot. Overlap action.

When describing shot, always say what you see first (for example, pan with Jim, following ...).

Homework with actors
-- Every significant character must have overall goal/need/objective.
-- Every significant character must have objective within scene -- playable action.

Example: guy who's out of work for six months gets call for interview. Overall goal is security. Immediate goal is to get on plane.

Same action, different tactics. Persuade, intimidate, beg.

Homework: two pitches
For Tuesday, come up with 2 ideas for scripts. Do pitch -- oral way of telling story to get people interested. Beginning, middle, end. Key events, etc. ("Once upon a time, there was a mother and son who were very poor. One day, they had so little food, the son took the family cow and started on his way to the market ...")

Angry is result, not action.

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