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Monday, April 10, 2006

FT 551 Lecture: Wednesday, April 7

Take-home exam
Answer five questions (in lieu of production notebook). Cite examples from films, paintings, etc.

Film notes
"Dog of My Dreams," Roz Mortimer. Live action, literature excerpts. Bunch of vignettes. Ick.

Safety Tips for Kids, ROz Mortimer. Morbid stories about accidents, disappearances, deaths. Started with poem, but dropped it (then why use that particular one? why Xmas?)

"New Book," Zbig Rycbzynski. 9 splitscreens. Incredibly well-choreographed.

"Media," Zbig Rycbynski. TVs, flatbed. Action of man on TV, ball, cigarette. Color, black-and-white -- wow.

"My Window," Zbig Rycbynski. Bird, liquid in bottle, TV picture tilting.

"Soup," Zbig Rycbynski. Couple. Scenes tinted.

"Oh I Can't Stop," Zbig Rycbynski. Traveling through fields, houses, etc. Running over people, cars.

The Orchestra, Zbig Rycbynski. Excellent choreography with piano (in exact time to notes). Ave Maria. Staircase sequence - history of socialism, to Bolero.

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