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Thursday, April 06, 2006

FT 551 Lecture: Wednesday, February 18

Homework notes
Next class, 1st draft workshop. Must turn in 1st draft or detailed treatment. My group: Von, Chris, Katie, Andrea, Brenda, Nathan, me.

Include one-pager (or less) with description addressing objectives of the film.

For detailed treatment, length is variable. Should include what questions will be asked.

Other frames
Concept/idea frame. Different from concept for a feature film (memory loss, coming of age).

In short film, concept/idea is a framing device, unique approach to film that defines all choices.

Examples: removing character from film with fingernail polish, dream logic, mechanical cause and effect (Fischley and Weiss).

Image-based. Color yellow links shots.

Experiments with camera.

Sound-based. Relationship between image and sound.

Film notes (defined by other frames)
Removed, Naomi Uman. Found footage (porn movie). Woman removed with fingernail polish, frame by frame.

"Nocturn", Anne Huber. Woodblocks carved, sanded down, scanned and animated, frame by frame.

Special Report, Bryan Boyce. Video of news anchors, with lips replaced and audio taken from B sci-fi movies.

Un Chien Andalou, Luis Buñuel. Surrealist school. Morality, logic absurd bourgeois notions. Concept -- defiance of linear coherent sense. Catholic schoolgirl's uniform.

"Orphics 6.1," Ed Zajec. Image/music relationship. Blocks change color as piano plays. Done with C++.

The Morphology of Desire, Robert Arnold. Romance-book covers made to move, flow into each other. Intertitles quotes from books. Desire constant, object of desire changes.

"Four Movements for Double Eight Camera", Robert Arnold. Four images per frame.

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