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Sunday, April 09, 2006

FT 551 Lecture: Wednesday, March 3

Production design
It all counts. Don't do something just because (Confederate flag, Jaws T-shirt).

Location choice, set dressing (colors, props, details), color scheme (costumes, walls, lighting, etc.), costume design, sound design.

Helps even to completely strip a room, then put things back (forced to make choices).

Production book must have some visual aids -- drawings (storyboards, costume sketches, overhead with diagrams of camera movements/setups), photographs (map of location(s)). Define emblematic images.

Outline (summary + bibliography) due ASAP. 12-15 minutes talking, 5-7 min. screening tops.

Film notes
"Contemporary Case Studies." Strong graphic sensibility. Relationship vignettes. Sparse sets, split screens, sounds.

BU thesis film, "By Any Other," Derek Frank. "What's in a name?" Disconnected. "White Noise" -- DeLillo. Shopping mall, brands, etc.

BU thesis film, "Stuck." Elevator. Color tints (ugh), clunky dialogue (double-ugh), stereotyped characters (eye-roll), cheesy music (ick).

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